fallen titans

March 19, 2018
by Micah Bournes

Micah Bournes taught me how to “use my words” to speak justice at a time when I felt my words would never be heard. Male allies to #SilenceIsNotSpiritual not only stand up, and stand for, but use their gifts and platforms to highlight, amplify, and break barriers to the voices of women. In January of this year, the actor Liam Neesen made headlines by referring to the #MeToo movement as “a bit of a witch hunt”, and Micah took it personally. – Belinda Bauman

(for liam neeson)

a fictional messiah
who saves the world
in every film says

hollywood sexual allegations

against men have become

“a bit of a witch hunt”

but everyone knows witches
don’t have penises
everyone knows witches
don’t have earthly power

witches aren’t protected by the law
by their influential friends
by a culture that believes

they’re generally good people

despite their generally bad everything

witches have never been kings to be dethroned
witches are always the scapegoat of kings
the ones slaughtered on the altars of men
blamed for every man’s sin

until all men are innocent again

everyone knows only men are holy
everyone knows priests don’t have vaginas
everyone knows witches don’t have penises

my friend

these fallen titans are too godly to be witches
this is not a witch hunt
these are witches
refusing to be hunted


Micah Bournes is a poet, rapper, and blues singer from Long Beach, California. He’s most known for his dynamic live performances of spoken word poetry. His work often deals with themes of culture, justice and faith. He’s passionate about helping people unlock their own creativity and fighting evil with poetry. Check out more of Micah’s work at micahbournes.com

#SilenceIsNotSpiritual is a call to action to the Church to stop standing by and start standing up for women and girls who experience violence.

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