#SilenceisnotSpiritual is a global network of women faith leaders and their allies calling the church to stand with and for survivors of gender based violence and abuse. Formed in response to the #MeToo and #ChurchTwo movements the founders of #SilenceisnotSpiritual recognized that Christian women often live and worship in spaces where their voices are silenced. Within these churches social, mental and financial domination often intersect with physical and sexual domination; enabled by silence. #SilenceisnotSpiritual exists to create onramps into the movement to stand with and for survivors of gender-based violence and abuse.

In our first year more than 6000 Christian women and allies signed the statement and began the process of sharing their stories in their churches. Now #SilenceisnotSpiritual is clearing space to share your stories with your churches and with our readers. We’re also offering resources to help your church lean into the process of becoming protected space for survivors to heal and transformative space for all.

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#SilenceIsNotSpiritual is a call to action to the Church to stop standing by and start standing up for women and girls who experience violence.

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